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27th January 2021

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Adjustable Column Tops
All Prices Updated on 26th Jan 2021 & INCLUDE GST

Adjustable Tops
, shown below, to suit a variety of Steel House Columns, Stumps, Posts and Mullions in a multitude of assorted sizes are manufactured by Scott Metals at our Woolloongabba, Brisbane factory. Pricing below.

There are 2 different types, (Type 1 and Type 2), of Adjustable Tops available which are more commonly used with 75x75 Columns. When the finished Column needs to be Fully Hot Dip Galvanised, Type 2 Adjustable Tops must be used.

Type-1 This form of Adjustable Top is fabricated using a Swaged Nut connected to a 75mm Square 8mm thick plate and 30mm Threaded Rod. The Standard Plate, Swaged Nut and Threaded Bar are Galvanised. Pricing and Picture below.

Type - 2 These Adjustable Tops are manufactured using 75x75x5mm Duragal-Plus RHS to its Base, a 250mm long 30mm Galvanised Threaded Rod complete with Galvanised Nuts is then fully welded to any Top Plate. Pricing and Picture Below.
Use Type 2 Adjustable Tops when Columns are to be Hot Dip Galvanised.

Top Plates generally used with the Adjustable Tops is the STD, shown below. For 75x75 Columns the plate used is 75mm wide and 8mm thick, is 200mm long with 2 @ 14mm holes set centrally 25mm in from each end. Other top plate styles from Corner, Half, 4 Way, Tee and Vertical are also fabricated to order. For information on top plates see the House Column page.

The Bottom Plate of the Type 1 and the RHS Base of the Type 2 Adjustable Post Tops are fully welded to the top end of the 75x75 Column with a minimum 6mm continuous weld, ensuring strength and structural integrity.

Pricing Top OnlyType - 1 - $65.00 each    Type - 2 - $65.00 each.

Price is for the Adjustable Top Only with a STD Top Plate configuration for 75x75 Columns. For non standard tops, alternative RHS size and any other special requirements, please contact us for an exact costing.

Column Prices: The cost of a House Column complete with an Adjustable Top; add the price of either a Type 1 or Type 2 Top to the cost of a STD House Column. See the 75x75 House Column Pricing Table.

Delivery: Adjustable Column Tops delivered Door to Door Australia Wide: Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Regional & Country Areas or Collect from our Brisbane Depot. Contact Us for Delivery Prices and lead times.

Adjustable Column Tops are manufactured in our Woolloongabba, Brisbane factory.
Scott Metals your Adjustable Column Suppliers, Australia Wide.