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Brisbane's leading steel supply company Scott Metals, located in the heart of Woolloongabba, supplies quality Australian Made Steel products to the Tradesman Builder and Home Handyman. Brisbane Steel Supplies at prices to please and fast door to door delivery.

Free Estimating and Costing facility, cutting to size, drilling & punching, guillotining of plate & sheet, shop priming, hot dip galvanising, profile cutting and general welding & repairs are all part of the services available to complement our vast range of steel products.

The steel merchant bar product family includes: Angle, Deformed Bar, Flat Bar, Round Bar and Square Bar.

RHS, SHS & CHS steel sections are available Painted or Black in addition to Galvanised coated finishes commonly known as Allgal, Duragal and Duragal-Plus. RHS identifies rectangular hollow sections, SHS relates to square hollow sections, CHS is the term used to describe both Black Pipe and Galvanised Pipe.

Structural Steel Products including Universal Beams, Universal Columns and PFC Channels, are generally supplied cut to length, drilled and prime coated.

Sheet Metal consisting of Galvabond, Colorbond, Sign White, Zincalume, Zincanneal and Hot Rolled Sheet (Black Sheet) can all be cut to size by our guillotine.

Other steel merchandise including Arch Bars (Lintels & Galintels), Bracing, Brackets, Columns, Gate Frames, Reinforcing Mesh, Nuts & Bolts, Plate, Purlins, Roof Sheeting and Stair Stringers are all part of our extensive product range.

Delivery: Our Steel Products delivered Door to Door in the Greater Brisbane Area or collect from our Brisbane Depot. Contact Us for Delivery Prices for Steel Supplies in Brisbane.

When you require reliability and great service on your fabricated steel merchandise look no further than Scott Metals. Family owned and operated since 1967, the specialists in structural steel for the domestic building market, Scott Metals is trusted by Brisbane's leading building companies, for everything from their most intricate architectural steelwork to the simplest bracket. Quality Products and Workmanship, On Time, Every Time - Expect no less.

Why we use, sell and recommend Australian Made Steel.

How many times have you asked yourself, where do I find or buy steel products, building supplies and materials or steel supplies in Brisbane. Go to the Products Page. Our website has up-to-date prices on steel products, building products and steel supplies. For a Free Quotation on steel products and materials go to our Contact Info page. Depending on your requirements, we can fabricate and deliver your order in the greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas.

Our Steel Supplies Brisbane division has all your product needs, such as RHS Rectangular steel box sections, Duragal ®, Duragal-Plus ®, Allgal ® painted SHS  square steel box sections, Duragal ®, Duragal-Plus ®, Allgal ® painted,  Duragal ® angle, Duragal ® flat bar, Duragal ® channel, steel flat bar, steel strap, solid steel round bar, solid steel square bar, steel PFC channels, steel parallel flange channel 75PFC, 100PFC, 125PFC, 150PFC, 180PFC, 200PFC, 230PFC, 250PFC, 300PFC, 380PFC, steel UB beams, steel U beams,  steel universal beam 150UB14, 150UB18, 180UB16.1, 180UB18.1, 180UB22.2, 200UB18.2, 200UB22.3, 200UB25.4, 200UB29.8, 250UB25.7, 250UB31.4, 250UB37.3, 310UB32, 310UB40.4, 310UB46.2, 360UB44.7, 360UB50.7, 360UB 56.7, 410UB53.7, 410UB59.7, 460UB67.1, 460UB74.6, 460UB82.1, 530UB82, 530UB92.4, 610UB101, 610UB113, 610UB125, and UC universal columns, universal column 100UC14.8, 150UC23.4, 150UC30, 150UC37.2, 200UC46.2, 200UC59.5, 250UC72.9, 250UC89.5, 310UC96.8, 310UC118, 310UC137, 310UC158, steel house posts, steel columns, steel stumps,  steel fence posts, adjustable house stumps used in house raising and re-stumping adjustable columns tops, steel angle, structural steel angle, steel brackets, Galvanised steel brackets, deformed bar, concrete reo, reo bar,  N12, N16, N20, or the old term Y12, Y16, Y20, commonly misspelt rio bar, steel reinforcing mesh, steel mesh, steel slab mesh, steel reo mesh, steel concrete mesh, SL52, SL62,SL72, SL82, SL92, SL102, SL81, or the old term RF52, RF62, RF72, RF82, RF92, RF102, RF81, galvanised steel mesh, Galvanised mesh, steel trench mesh, steel reinforcing cages, steel reinforcing products and supplies, bar chairs, plastic building film, lintels and arch bars, steel stair stringers, steel steps, mono stringers, external stairway, aluminium step treads, bracing rods and bars, Hot Dipped Galvanised products, steel plate, steel floor plate, steel checker plate, steel chequer plate, sheetmetal for trailer floors, ute trays, zincanneal sheet, galvabond sheet, galvanised sheet, black sheet, sign white, CHS curved hollow sections tube, galvanised pipe, black pipe and more.
Our Building Products and Roofing Supplies Division in Brisbane can supply steel roofing products such as Zincalume ®, Colorbond ®, commonly misspelt colourbond and galvanised, Custom Orb®, corrugated roofing, corrugated iron,  Trimdek ®, 5 – rib, Bondek ®  concrete formwork and Edge Form and more, 125, 150, 175 Quad Gutter, squareline gutter, M patten, OG Gutter, fascia gutter, fascia board, downpipes, C purlin C10010, C10012, C10015, C 10019, C15012, C15015, C15019, C15024, C20015, C20019, C20024, C25019, C25024, C30024, C30030, and Z purlin Z10010, Z10012, Z10015, Z10019, Z15012, Z15015, Z15019, Z15024, Z20015, Z20019, Z20024, Z25019, Z25024, Z30024, Z30030, 40mm roof batten, 61mm roof batten, 96mm roof batten, and 120mm roof batten, roof screws, roof zips, roll top ridge capping, barge capping, 25mm gable roll, 38mm gable roll, 50mm gable roll, polycarbonate roofing, roof insulation, whirlybird ventilator, roof ventilators, flashings etc.
We have an extensive range of Steel Fabricated products produced in our steel fabrication workshop. We are a large steel fabricator in Brisbane supplying all construction types, such as simple posts and beams, portal frames, complete support posts and beams for mezzanine floors. We can supply everything from a single post to a house load of beams. Other fabricated steel products are steel gate frames, steel awning frames, steel brackets, steel frames, steel stringers, galvanised steel stringers, hand rail posts, special steel posts, fully fabricated steel beams, portal frames, steel bollards, ram raid posts, steel protection posts and security bollards, structural steel, steel brackets, steel roof risers, steel bracing and turnbuckles, steel shade sail posts, steel privacy screen frames, steel driveway gates, steel post supports, steel shelf brackets, claw plates, cast in plates, steel reo cages, steel footing cages, steel ladder racks, steel retaining wall posts, steel tank stands, steel sign frames, steel A frames, steel power poles, steel sash window weights.  Contact us for a free Quotation on your next steel supply, steel fabrication or steel and building products project.
 Our Brisbane Steel Fabrication and Welding Division supplies steel house posts and beams and PFC Channels to Builders and the Home Handyman. In Brisbane posts and beams are used to renovate Queensland style homes and many other structural steel applications. These products are used to replace old timber stumps which were easily sourced and cheap. Steel house posts and beams are now the preferred option. In Brisbane house stump supplies and steel beams and PFC Channels are our specialty. If you are an Earlybird, steel products, at our Brisbane depot, can be collected from 6:30am Mon to Fri and 7:30am Saturday. Contact Us for a free estimate on your steel supplies.

Our moto is to "Supply Everything in Steel Ableflex to Zincanneal".
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We deliver Steel Supplies to Brisbane Southside, Brisbane Bayside, Brisbane Northside, Brisbane Westside, Brisbane Eastside including: Acacia Ridge, Albany Creek, Alberton, Albion, Alderley, Alexandra Hills, Algester, Altandi, Amity, Amity Point, Annerley, Anstead, Arana Hills, Archerfield, Ascot, Ashgrove, Aspley, Auchenflower, Bahrs Scrub, Bald Hills, Ballymore, Balmoral, Bannockburn, Banoon, Banyo, Bardon, Baroona, Beenleigh, Belivah, Bellbowrie, Belmont, Berrinba, Bethania, Birkdale, Boondall, Bowen Hills, Bracken Ridge, Breakfast Creek, Bridgeman Downs, Brighton, Brisbane, Brookfield, Brookside Centre, Browns Plains, Buccan, Bulimba, Bulwer, Bunya, Buranda, Burbank, Calamvale, Camp Hill, Cannon Hill, Capalaba, Carbrook, Carina, Carindale, Carseldine, Chandler, Chapel Hill, Chelmer, Chermside, Clayfield, Cleveland, Clifton Hill, Clontarf, Colmslie,Coopers Plains, Coorparoo, Corinda, Cornubia, Crestmead, Daisy Hill, Darra, Deagon, Doboy, Doolandella, Doomben, Dorrington, Drewvale, Dunwich, Durack, Dutton Park, Eagle Farm, Eagle Junction, Eagleby, East Brisbane, Edens Landing, Eight Mile Plains, Eildon Hill, Ekibin, Ellen Grove, Enoggera, Everton Hills, Everton Park, Fairfield, Ferny Grove, Ferny Hills, Fig Tree Pocket, Fitzgibbon, Forest Lake, Forestdale, Fortitude Valley, Fruitgrove, Galloways Hill, Gaythorne, Geebung, Gilberton, Gordon Park, Graceville, Grange, Greenslopes, Grovely, Gumdale, Hamilton, Hawthorne, Heathwood, Hemmant, Hendra, Heritage Park, Herston, Highgate Hill, Hillcrest, Holland Park, Holmview, Inala, Indooroopilly, Ithaca, Jamboree Heights, Jindalee, Jubilee, Kalinga, Kangaroo Point, Karawatha, Karragarra Island, Kedron, Kelvin Grove, Kenmore, Kenmore Hills, Keperra, Kingston, Kippa-Ring, Kuraby, Larapinta, Lindum, Logan Central, Logan Reserve, Loganholme, Loganlea, Lone Pine, Long Pocket, Lota, Lutwyche, Lytton, Macgregor, Macleay Island, Manly, Manly West, Mansfield, Margate, Marsden, Mater Hill, Mayne, Mcdowall, Meadowbrook, Meeandah, Middle Park, Milton, Mitchelton, Moggill, Moorooka, Moorvale, Morningside, Mount Coot-Tha, Mount Cotton, Mount Gravatt, Mount Gravatt East, Mount Ommaney, Mount Thompson, Mount Warren Park, Murarrie, Myrtletown, Nathan, New Farm, Newmarket, Newstead, Norman Park, Normanby, Northgate, Nudgee, Nudgee Beach, Nundah, Ormeau, Ormiston, Oxford Park, Oxley, Paddington, Pallara, Parkinson, Petrie Terrace, Pinjarra Hills, Pinkenba, Pinklands, Point Halloran, Point Lookout, Point Talburpin, Port Of Brisbane, Priestdale, Priors Pocket, Pullenvale, Rainworth, Ransome, Red Hill, Redcliffe, Redland Bay, Regents Park, Richlands, Riverhills, Robertson, Rochedale, Rocklea, Rosalie, Rothwell, Runcorn, Russell Island, Salisbury, Sandgate, Scarborough, Seven Hills, Seventeen Mile Rocks, Shailer Park, Sheldon, Sherwood, Shorncliffe, Sinnamon Park, Slacks Creek, Somerset Hills, South Bank, South Brisbane, Spring Hill, Springwood, St Johns Wood, St Lucia, Stafford, Stafford Heights, Stapylton, Stones Corner, Stretton, Stuartholme, Sumner, Sumner Park, Sunnybank, Sunnybank Hills, Taigum, Tanah Merah, Taringa, Tarragindi, Tennyson, The Gap, Thompson Estate, Thorneside, Thornlands, Tingalpa, Toombul, Toowong, Torwood, Underwood, Upper Kedron, Upper Mount Gravatt, Victoria Point, Virginia, Wacol, Wakerley, Waterford, Waterford West, Wavell Heights, Wellers Hill, Wellington Point, West End, Westlake, Whinstanes, Whites Hill, Willawong, Wilston, Windaroo, Windsor, Wishart, Woodridge, Woody Point, Woolloongabba, Wooloowin, Wynnum, Yatala, Yeerongpilly, Yeronga, Zillmere.