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27th January 2021

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Upcoming 2 day Closure Announcement
Closed: Monday 25th & Tuesday 26th
Re-open: Wednesday 7:00am 27th January


Scott Metals Pty Ltd is a registered company.   ABN: 47 010 928 480

At Scott Metals we appreciate the need for genuine up-to-date, realistic, accurate and competitive pricing.

ALL prices are Updated Daily, INCLUDE the 10% GST and are in $AUD.

The prices displayed are current but are subject to change without notice. Although thoroughly checked, there may be errors and omissions to the prices, of which the responsibility is on the purchaser to ensure that they have not altered at the time of placing an order. The prices set out or referred to are recommended prices only and there is no obligation on the reseller to comply with the recommendations.

Unfortunately due to many of our products being manufactured specifically to meet individual client requirements, no prices are currently available for general welding and fabrication charges. These projects are priced on application (P.O.A).

Customer service is paramount, which is why we advocate the "old fashioned" approach of personal contact. No computerised answering machine, no reception centre, just friendly and experienced sales personnel on the telephone ready to assist with your queries. We also welcome and encourage your fax and email inquiries, and understanding the need for a prompt response, we are dedicated to assessing, pricing and replying to your requirements within 1 working day.

All descriptions, specifications, illustrations, drawings, data, dimensions and weights contained on the website are approximate and are only intended by Scott Metals to be a general description.

Personalised service that is on time every time, quality products and reliability, competitive prices that will please even the most budget conscious, Scott Metals is all that and more.