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Hardwood Timber Step Treads

At Scott Metals we supply Sawn 250x55mm Hardwood Timber Step Treads to complement our range of Steel Stair Stringers. Recommend External use only. See Images below.

Hardwood Timber Step Tread Pricing
All Prices Updated on 23rd Jun 2024 & INCLUDE GST
Premium Thickness Timber Treads 250mm x 55mm
Recommended for External use only
Length mm $ Each Weight
900 $62.50 15.3 Kg
1000 $66.50 17.0 Kg
1200 $79.50 20.4 Kg
Prices for Timber Treads only, Fixings sold separately
Maximum Lengths available 1200mm

* Sawn Hardwood Timber
* Arrissed Top Edges
* Tan® E treated H4
* Class 1 Durability
* Low Shrinkage
* Salvaged forest timbers, environmentally friendly sourced

* Available Lengths: 900mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
* Dimensions: 250mm Wide x 55mm Thick
* Approximately 17Kg per metre
* Maximum Lengths available 1200mm

Fixings: 75x10mm Galvanised Cup Head Nuts & Bolts for fixing Timber Step Treads to Steel Stair Stringers are sold separately for only $1.20 each. For Hidden Fixings we supply 40x10mm Galvanised Coach Screws for only $0.80 cents each. General applications use 4 bolts or screws per tread. Specify type when ordering.

Tan® E treated timber, is initially dark, however with sun exposure the timber weathers to honey brown and longer term to grey/silver colour.

Our Timber Stair Treads are sized at 250mm x 55mm to comply with the building code.  When used in conjunction with our 250 going x 175mm Rise Standard Stair Stringers, the stringers will remain compliant even after the timber treads shrink to their minimum. Hardwood Timber Step Treads have a shrinkage percentage of 4% - 6%. Our Hardwood Treads will still be more than compliant even after their maximum shrinkage (55mm – 6% = 51.7mm).

To comply with current Building Codes, the stringer rise gap must not exceed 125mm. By using Premium Thickness 55mm timber stair treads the gap will be a fully compliant 120mm when used with Standard 175mm Rise Stair Stringers. Timber Step Treads, sold by other suppliers at only 50mm thick, can make the stairs illegal when the timber shrinks.

The Sawn Hardwood Timber Treads, Recommended for External Use Only, come with Arrissed Top Edges, Tan® - E treated to H4 in ground contact requirements and conform to Class 1 Durability Standards (see images). These Australian Hardwood Treads have a low shrinkage rate and are naturally termite resistant.  The timber step treads have an expected in-ground service life of 25 years or more. Hardwood timber is extensively used on dance floors, bridge construction and railway sleepers for its hardness. DPI classed as very hard (highest rated 1 on a 6 class scale) in relation to indentation. The Hardwood Timber Step Treads will readily accept paint or stain.

Due to supply constraints it is not possible to request a certain species of timber at time of order. We will alwaays endeavour not to mix the category type of timber step treads supplied.

Don’t be complacent and settle for second best, be compliant and be:

Delivery: Hardwood Timber Stair Treads can be delivered Door to Door in the Greater Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast areas or Collect from our Brisbane Depot. For Delivery Prices and lead times, Contact Us for all your Timber Step Tread Supplies.

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The samples shown are indicative only and do not show the
colour variation that can be found in each species of timber.

Appearance: As timber is a natural product, some variation in appearance, texture and colour may be present between products and differ from pictures or samples provided and are to be expected. This variation may also include, surface cracks (checking), end cracks, insect markings, gum veins, knots and the like, which will not affect the performance of the product. Twisting, warping, shrinking, swelling and cupping of the timber may occur due to seasonal change and temperature variation but is noted as acceptable for these products. Timber is a natural product, imperfections are a natural occurring character of timber, as such Scott Metals cannot take any responsibility for cracking, splits, movement, timber variation and deterioration of timber step treads due to regular use.

Treatment: Tan®- E treated to H4 Specifications.(Inground contact)
Does not contain Arsenic. Initially timber treated with Tan®- E may be oily to touch. Upon external exposure the timber weathers to a warm honey brown colour and in the longer term to a silver grey. Tan®- E exceeds current government requirements for treating the treads against insect and fungal decay.  Tan®- E conforms to the latest United States EPA, European Union and Australian directives regarding suitable wood products for residential and close human contact use. Timber treated with Tan®- E is often referred to as Ecowood®. Tan®- E treated timber can be painted like normal timber once dry and clean. Painting or staining of dimensional timber in exterior, weather exposed areas is strongly recommended to minimize surface mould, checking, sun bleaching and dimensional movement. Untreated sapwood lasts only a few years.

Tan®- E and Ecowood®. are registered trade names of Arch Wood Protection.