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The Journey

Scott Metals was founded in 1967 by husband and wife team, Maurice and Myra Scott. Their two sons Clive and Steve, following in the footsteps of their father, an Engineer, developed a passion for steel and metal products. As small children, Clive and Steve would help their father every day, before and after school.

Over the next decade, Maurice passed on to his sons the knowledge he had learned from experience gained over a lifetime in the industry. This 'hands on' method of teaching ensured the brothers knew their trade inside out.

In 1985, the small space, which Scott Metals had occupied for almost 20 years, was sold from under them, and consideration was given to closing the business down. Ever believing that 'where there's a will there's a way', Clive and Steve convinced their dad that the business they loved was worth fighting for and that it was worthy of much larger and more modern premises.

In July of that year they purchased the business from their parents, bought and relocated to a 3,000 Sq/Mtr building right in the heart of Woolloongabba. Their adventurous spirit enabled them to expand and supply their quality Steel Products to many of the leading builders in the southeast corner of Queensland.

From humble beginnings, the Scott brothers journeyed by way of hard work and dedication, gradually building a strong business with solid foundations. In 2023 it became time for Clive and Steve to pass on the business to the third generation. With 30 plus years combined experience of working for Scott Metals, Tony Scott and Brody Pettiford, enthusiatically undertook responsibilty of managing the company. Tony and Brody continue the devotion of great customer service.

The Spirit

Time and quality are two important factors in any business, however in the building industry these are absolutely critical. Understanding that time is money, Scott Metals was the first to pioneer Fast On Time Service for all building products, making the previously accepted long waiting periods obsolete.

Major building companies have recognized Scott Metals as leaders in their field, and rely on them for all of the steel components for their quality homes. This results not only from the superiority of their product, but their dependence on speedy and reliable service.

While Scott Metals has grown in size, careful management has made certain that the spirit of good old-fashioned family service has not been lost. The company is continually striving to break new ground in customer service to ensure their clients can achieve their maximum potential - always with total peace of mind.

The Challenge

Dedicated to providing superior steel and metal products, Scott Metals is constantly updating their knowledge and equipment. By combining their experience with the very latest technology, they are perfectly equipped to meet the challenge of the 21st century. Their state of the art equipment consists of a steel plate guillotine, automatic band saw, welding facilities, hydraulic punch and shear machines, just to mention a few.

No job is too big or too small for the new duo and they will go to extremes to satisfy their customers. From the most intricate and complex architectural plans for large constructions, to simple Brackets, open 6 days a week, Scott Metals is always ready to meet your challenge.

Exploring New Horizons

Innovatively, Scott Metals led the way again by being the first to introduce pre-galvanised RHS material in the manufacture of House Columns for the domestic building market. This innovation quickly led to architects and engineers specifying this type of product as the industry standard.

Scott Metals always strives to use only Australian Made Steel in the production of Structural Columns, Universal Beams and Channels, Roofing and Rainwater Products, Sheet, Mesh and Reinforcing Bars.

Tony and Brody will continue searching for new horizons to conquer and additional ways to improve their operation. Why not explore the possibilities with Scott Metals and join them on the path to the future.